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Refer Top Talent, It’s a Win-Win


The Employee Referral Award Program is to reward employees for their assistance in recruiting qualified persons for open positions (includes all job titles) within the DMC.  To participate:

  1. Instruct the candidate you are referring to go to, submit an online application and indicate your name in the Employee Referral section.
  2. If the person you refer is hired, complete the Employee Referral Bonus Submission Form found on eTenet: (click the "Employee Referral Program" icon on the middle of the page) and send it to Please retain your email as receipt of your submission.


 STRUCTURE: The program has been simplified to a three-tier system:

Tier 1: Non-clinical

  • Full time non-clinical employee referrals - $750


Tier 2: Clinical Non-Specialty

  • Full time new grad RN referrals – $5,000
  • Full time experienced non-specialty RN referrals – $10,000
  • Full time experienced non-specialty tech/therapist (and similar roles) referrals – $5,000

Tier 3: Clinical Specialty and/or Hard to Fill

  • Full time experienced specialty or hard to fill RN referrals – $15,000
  • Full time experienced specialty or hard to fill Techs/therapists (and similar roles) referrals – $7,500

All active DMC employees are eligible to receive awards, with the following exceptions:

  • Manager and above employees are not eligible to receive employee referral bonuses. Supervisor and below employees are eligible to participate. Supervisor referral must be outside home department where there is no leadership oversight/hiring decisions.
  • Human Resources employees
  • DMC Senior Executive employee

If more than one referral is received for the same Candidate, the first referral received will be honored.

The following individuals are not eligible as referral candidates, if they are currently working within the DMC:

Current DMC Employees:

  • Previous DMC employees (within 6 months of termination)
  • Temporary Agency Personnel/Contract Employees


  • Job Seekers who have previously been presented to the HR Department by another sourcing means
  • Consultants

Submit Interest

Thank you for your interest. By submitting the form below, you are not completing a formal application. If your skills are a match for the role, a recruiter will reach out to you and explain next steps, which will include the completion of the full application. If you are a current employee, please apply on eTenet.

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