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Surgical First Assist (Moonlighter) Per Diem

  • Job ID 2105003717
  • Date posted 02/09/2021
  • Facility MetroWest Leonard Morse Hospital


Be present for a complete hand off from the outgoing surgery team.

Provide a detailed hand off to the incoming surgery team.

Round on all surgical patients in the morning on Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays.

Report patient information findings to the surgery attending and/or resident after rounds

Respond to all telephone calls on any surgical patient in a timely fashion and in a professional manner. Problems encountered may be discussed with the attending.

Respond to all emergencies at the request of the house staff and/or nursing staff throughout the Facility.

Respond to nursing requests concerning all surgical patients.

Respond to any requests made the Emergency Department physician concerning any patient or any request by staff physician,

Document a complete electronic consultation note on all patients you are asked to assess by an in-house consulting service or by the emergency department.

Call the attending surgeon to discuss any patient you are asked to render an opinion on.

Assist the surgical staff at the surgical staffs request on all surgical cases during Physician's time of duty.

Report any um-easonable requests to the Chief of Surgery or his designee, who may be reached through the Facility operator during off hours or at (508) 383-1553 during the day.

Abide by the mies and regulations of the Surgical Services as set forth in the Department of Surgery Rules and Regulations Preamble.

Physician is expected to work 12-hour shifts on a PRN basis at the Practice Site as scheduled by Employer. Physician acknowledges it will take more than the number of hours in the scheduled shift to complete required clinical activities due to other associated activities, including but not limited to, documentation and coordination of patient care.

Physician is expected to see patients as they reasonably present in the Practice Site.

Physician will complete all patient medical records in accordance with applicable by­ laws, policies, and procedures of Employer and/or the applicable facility. Physician agrees to document patient visits in accordance with Federal, State, and payor regulations. Patient visit documentation will be completed by Physician by the end of the visit day.

Physician shall utilize the Electronic Health Record System in place or to be put in place at the Practice Site and shall use all elech·onic prescribing, voice recognition dictation, and any other electronic or automation acquired and implemented by Employer and Practice Site's Computerized Physician Order Entry (CPOE) as applicable..

Practice Site billing documentation shall be turned into the Practice manager or designee on the first work day following the hospital visit. If an electronic medical record is used by Employer, Physician will document all office and hospital visits within the timeframes outlined in Employer's procedures.

Physician agrees to utilize Practice Site's electronic medical record, take all required training and timely enter all required documentation. Practice Site's physical medical records shall not be removed from Practice Site

Physician will consistently treat Practice employees, colleagues, patients and their families and other who accompany patients in a professional, respectful manner.

Physician is expected to see all patients presenting to the Practice, without regard to race, sex, religion, financial status, sexual orientation, or insurance class.

Physician will not fire and/or dismiss patients from the Practice without prior conversation with the Employer or Employer's practice manager. Procedures will be established on how to resolve conflicts among providers and patients and Physician may not transfer care to another provider without ensuring continuity of care for the patient.

Physician will participate in and cooperate with the peer review, Quality Improvement and Quality Management programs and procedures of Employer.

Physician shall comply with all rules, regulations, and policies established by Employer, the Occupational Health and Safety Administration, all Federal, State, and local agencies, and other accreditation organizations. Physician will comply with all Medicare, Medicaid, and other third party payor reimbursement rules and OIG compliance standards. Physician shall comply with and participate in any Ethics Training Programs and Compliance Training Programs established by Employer and Practice Site.

Physician shall assist Employer in the investigation, documentation, and resolution of any issue arising out of Employer's dealings with peer review and all regulatory agencies having jurisdiction relating to the Practice Site.

If applicable, Physician will exercise best eff01ts to assist Employer to build the Practice patient base through networking, emergency room coverage, community education, extended/weekend hours and other reasonable marketing activities as requested by Employer and in accordance with Employer's policies and procedures.

If applicable, at Employer's request, Physician will participate in Employer initiatives, such as telemedicine and virtual appointments. ·

Physician shall cooperate fully with Employer and facility credentialing office, including providing, in a timely manner, the information necessary to process credentialing materials relating to Physician for health insurers, state and federal agencies, and other health organizations.

If applicable, Physician shall review and acknowledge by signature Physician's annual performance targets and shall use best efforts to meet or exceed those targets.

If required, Physician will actively participate in Practice Site medical staff committees as assigned by the medical staff.

Physician will assist Practice Site in maintaining five (5) Star Patient satisfaction, if applicable.

Physician will work actively with Practice Site case management to efficiently follow patient care plans and discharge patients when medically appropriate, if applicable.

If applicable, Physicians will cooperate with practice Site's physician advisor or delegate from the utilization management plan for the Practice Site in complying with Practice Site policies regarding appropriate bed placement and admission criteria.

If required, Physician will actively participate in new program development for Practice Site. Physician involvement may include meetings, development of evidence based protocols, collaboration with Practice Site and non-Practice Site employed physician groups.

To the extent Physician provides patient care at Practice Site, Physician will participate in Practice Site's Medicare Performance Improvement (MPI) initiatives and other performance management and innovation initiatives (such as Crimson, a trademark program from the Adviso1y Board Company) as they pertain to increasing quality, efficiency and effectiveness for care delivered to patients. Pat1icipation may include meetings, development and adoption of evidence based protocols and review of practitioner and group data.

Physician will take all training and education courses reasonably required by Employer.

In no event shall duties pursuant to this Agreement include attendance at meetings that Physician is required to attend as a result of Physician's licensure or medical staff membership including mandatory medical staff meetings or governing board meetings.


Required: Medical Degree

Certifications Required: Licensed Physician. BLS and ACLS.

Job: Physician
Primary Location: Natick, Massachusetts
Facility: MetroWest Medical Center
Job Type: PT2Y
Shift Type: Rotate

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