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Associate Administrator - Desert Regional Medical Center, Palm Springs, CA

Job ID: 2205019343 Date posted: 05/15/2022 Facility: Tenet Executive Search
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Job Details

The Associate Administrator has responsibility for developing management objectives and policies for the various departments and monitoring the results. He/she also interprets objectives, policies, and procedures. Further, the Associate Administrator is responsible for coordinating the activities of the assigned departments with other departments both within and outside the hospital. The Associate Administrator resolves problems with department heads concerning use of resources, as well as encourages and maintains open lines of communication with and between employee groups, other medical personnel, and patients and their family members.

Provides administrative direction for the operations of assigned departments and appraises the performance of respective department heads. Recommends improvement of hospital facilities in assigned areas, including construction of renovation to structures and purchase of equipment. Encourages and assists department heads in establishing a measure of performance, increased productivity, quality improvement, cost controls and maximum utilization of facilities. Manages operations within budgetary guidelines. Directs activities to ensure positive customer satisfaction results. Facilitates positive, productive relationships with physicians. Delegates activities and tasks appropriately. Ensures that all services are performed in accordance with established corporate and hospital policies and procedures, Federal and State regulations, and Joint Commission standards.


Performs an administrative and senior management role over assigned departments within the hospital organization to ensure operating objectives and results are in accordance with the organization needs and vision. Effectively works with team members to improve customer satisfaction and quality. Demonstrates flexibility and adaptability to work-process change, makes decisions and takes appropriate actions to solve problems. Meets and strives to exceed the needs of all customers. Establishes and maintains service of excellence through high customer satisfaction. Identifies/implements cost savings ideas and contributes to the financial success of the organization. Seeks to expand professional knowledge and service to others.
Makes full use of all resources effectively. Utilizes different and innovative approaches to addressing organizational problems and opportunities. Uses appropriate methods and interpersonal styles to develop, motivate, and guide a team toward the successful completion of a program/project; modifying behavior according to tasks, situations, and team members involved.

The Associate Administrator has responsibility for evaluating the performance of the various departments, as well as the performance of key managers and supervisors. He/she advises employees promptly when performance problems arise or changes are needed.

Other functional requirements include:

  • Establish the operating budgets for the various departments and monitor performance against budgets.
  • Assist Administration with special projects and with short and long-term strategic planning.
  • Attend promptly to the administrative details of the position including the signing of documents, preparation of reports, completion of performance appraisals, and other employee-related actions.
  • Ensure that all operations within the scope or the position are carried out in an ethical, responsible manner.
  • Develop, with the help of the responsible department heads, standard operating procedures for the departments within the position’s span of control. Coordinate with other departments and medical staff as needed.
  • Make final hiring and firing decisions of personnel within immediate scope of operations coordinating information with upper management and human resources according to established procedures.
  • Approve expenditures to the level established by upper management.

As a leader in healthcare, Tenet is committed to providing the best possible care to every patient, with a clear focus on quality and service. Strong leadership is essential to delivering on this commitment, and we believe that the quality of our leaders can give us a significant long-term competitive advantage. We want to ensure every current and future leader in Tenet is successful, and we support that through our selection and hiring process and by providing coaching and training to our leaders.

In this regard, we have identified core competencies that will enable a leader to succeed at Tenet, and have defined them within the following five areas critical to performance:

Optimize Execution

  • Establishes realistic and aggressive team/individual goals, and action plans that deliver results (e.g., tasks that lead to the renovation of patient rooms).
  • Demonstrates high visibility, consistently interacting with key stakeholders to inform, advise, listen, encourage, and challenge (e.g. routinely rounds with employees, physicians, patients, etc.).
  • Optimizes facility’s financial and human resources by overseeing day-to-day operations in a high quality and cost conscious manner (e.g. maintains appropriate staffing ratios, oversees throughput in ER and other high volume departments, actively manages quality initiatives, leads successful supply cost initiatives).
  • Clearly understands and communicates the Balanced Scorecard metrics and targets to the organization (e.g., reviews BSC performance and builds action for lagging areas with Department Directors).

Use Astute Judgment

  • Demonstrates high-level complex problem-solving abilities (e.g., identifies drivers of service line losses).
  • Uses highly developed expertise in quantitative analyses to define and support facility goals (e.g., builds a solid financial business case for expansion of ICU).
  • Understands business development and physician recruitment strategies that lead to a competitive advantage.
  • Working knowledge of patient care standards reflected in federal and state regulation (e.g. JC accreditation, HCAHPS, etc.).

Lead Boldly

  • Takes decisive operational action in high-stakes situations or times of crisis and uncertainty (e.g., responds to local disasters, such as a hurricane).
  • Promotes or asserts own position and ideas for operation improvement, quality care delivery, revenue, and volume growth (e.g., identifies and champions a new throughput process in the OR).
  • Seeks and champions new ideas and initiatives that create operational/strategic advantage (e.g. forging a privileged relationship with local employers).
  • Decisively confronts and resolves issues or barriers to success (e.g., actively addresses physician concerns about new clinical processes).
  • Assumes CEO responsibilities in absence of CEO (i.e.. Second in command).

Apply Financial Insights

  • Understands financial indicators/levels and delivers year over year improved financial performance (e.g., actively contributes to ideas that curtail cost in the facility’s business plan).
  • Uses financial and productivity analysis vs. anecdotes to make decisions (e.g., continually reviews cost and productivity reports and directs efforts for improvement in targeted areas of opportunity).

Drive Organizational Success

  • Builds consensus and commitment across disparate facility managers, physicians and home office staff with often competing priorities, with short and long-term goals (e.g., hosts discussions to shape and align stakeholders on MPI goals and approach).
  • Engages in team bench strength assessments and recruitment or promotion action plans that meet current/future talent needs (e.g., identifies and develops/mentors younger tenure talent).
  • Is an effective team member with the facility’s CEO, CFO, CNO, and DBD to pursue new growth, implement new processes, and/or address new challenges (e.g., A-Team challenge to improve HCAHPS scores).
  • Provides ongoing feedback, measurement and assessment process that measure performance to plan and cause course correction for direct reports (e.g., meets with staff weekly to discuss progress on key initiatives/operations).
  • Partners effectively with medical staff to continually improve the quality and level of services provided (e.g., actively participates in MEC, meets frequently with Chief of Staff).


  • Implement directives, review and evaluate existing programs, and make recommendations for improvement and modification.
    • Works collaboratively with hospital administrative team in optimizing the hospital’s financial and human resources by assisting them in the administration of day-to-day operations in a quality and cost-conscious manner.
    • Provides supportive assistance in the preparation of contracts, policies and procedures for the medical center and provides guidance to department heads.
    • Coordinate or perform special projects related to facility or strategic planning, or resolution of regulations, procedures and practices.
    • Attends promptly to the administrative details of the position including the signing of documents, preparation of reports, and other employee related actions.
    • Assists with operational preparation for regulatory surveys. Recommends changes for patient care standards to meet requirements prescribed by accrediting agencies.
    • Audits existing programs and hospital operations as directed and applies approved criteria for evaluation of programs and operational activities.
  • Assists with monitoring and support of the quality of health care services provided through coordination with Medical Staff, Nursing, and other hospital personnel and the establishment of quality and performance improvement policies, procedures and programs.
    • Facilitates timely and effective resolution of patient care issues; identifies and resolves system/process concerns and inefficiencies.
    • Assists in resolving internal conflicts and investigates problems or issues posing significant financial or legal impact, ethical issues, or patient/staff/physician complaints as assigned by Administrative Team.
    • Enhances the hospital’s reputation and focus on quality patient care and customer satisfaction through involvement in Performance Improvement initiative.
  • Directly participates in activities that contribute to overall individual and/or department performance. Provides effective, collaborative leadership that communicates the hospital’s mission, vision, and plans
    • Integrates assigned departments’ services within the hospital’s primary function.
    • Coordinates and integrates services with other departments.
    • Develops and implements policies and procedures that guide and support the provision of services.
    • Recommends a sufficient number of qualified and competent persons to provide services and measures productivity.
    • Set expectations, develops plans, and manages processes.
    • Continuously assesses and improves departments performance.
    • Assure appropriate quality control programs are maintained.
    • Systematically evaluates the quality and effectiveness of the services provided.
    • Develops, implements, and evaluates system for performance improvement.
    • Assures mechanisms are in place for the provision of orientation, in-service training, and continuing education of all personnel for assigned departments.
    • Participates in interdisciplinary teams.
    • Recommends space and other resources needed for the department.
    • Participates in selecting outside sources for needed services.
  • Acquires and allocates material, financial and human resources for specific functions and processes.
    • Participates in planning and monitoring the budget for their defined area(s)
    • Assumes responsibility for oversight of staffing and scheduling of personnel.
    • Collaborates with administrative peers in determining the acquisition, allocation, and utilization of organizational financial and human resources.
    • Monitors and evaluates appropriate utilization of staff.
    • Delegates responsibilities appropriate to the licensure, education, and experience of staff
    • Ensures that equipment and supplies required for patient care services are available at all times.
    • Monitors appropriate use of supplies and equipment.
    • Participates in cost-containment program and resource management
    • Evaluates factors related to safety, outcomes, effectiveness, cost, and social impact when developing and implementing practice innovations.
    • Evaluates and maintains management information systems that provide integrated data.
    • Monitors and explains variances from established parameters.
  • Serves as a professional role model and mentor to motivate, develop, recruit, and retain staff.
    • Participates in the recruitment, selection, and retention of personnel.
    • Assures appropriate orientation, education, credentialing, and continuing professional development of personnel.
    • Provides guidance for and supervision of personnel accountable to the Assistant Administrator.
    • Acquires, maintains current knowledge in clinical and administrative practice.
    • Provides leadership in critical thinking, conflict management, and problem-solving.
    • Provides leadership in human resource development and management.
    • Evaluates performance of personnel.
    • Evaluates his/her own performance based upon professional practice standards, relevant statistics and regulations, and organizational criteria.
  • Demonstrates the ability to choose appropriate course of action and make decisions based on ethical principles in compliance with the Tenet Standards of Conduct.
    • As a leader, reinforces the Company's values, promotes the Standards of Conduct and meets the leadership obligations under the Ethics and Compliance Program.
    • Maintains privacy, confidentiality, and security of patient, client, staff, and organization information.
    • Fosters a non-discriminatory environment in which care is delivered in a manner sensitive to socio-cultural diversity.
    • Supports the system to address ethical issues within the organization.
  • Complies with all policies & procedures that pertain to HIPAA including the minimum necessary requirements
    • Limits the protected health information (PHI) disclosed or requested to the amount reasonable necessary to achieve the purpose of the request. The disclosures or requests that occur on a routine basis include identifying patients in the facility by room number and/or location for the purposes of assisting patient family members, handling billing inquiries, other administrative issues involving patients.
    • Criteria established to limit the PHI disclosures/requests to that which is reasonably necessary includes: communicating only the PHI that is required upon request, and for the correct/intended purpose of providing administrative assistance.
  • Performs and fulfills all HICS (hospital incident command system) responsibilities, assignments, tasks, and roles as directed and needed by the facility in times of emergency and/or disaster. Responsible for knowing the Hospital’s emergency codes, including the purpose and appropriate action for each, and adheres to the Hospital policies and procedures for each emergency code.


A minimum of three years of progressively responsible hospital management experience. Ability to act as liaison between the administrative and medical staffs, Board of Directors, and external stakeholders. Ability to provide leadership to establish priorities and to develop and implement solutions.

  • Highly developed expertise in quantitative analysis to support definition and advancement for the hospital’s goals and objectives.
  • Ability to understand physicians’ viewpoints and needs, and work strategically in the best interest of patients and the hospital. A strong reputation for sustained, inclusive, trust-based physician relations.
  • Proven success in balancing cost/quality issues and partnering with medical staff to address productivity improvements and initiatives.
  • A high orientation to detail with proven analytical and financial skills.
  • A team player who excels in developing team momentum, enthusiasm and pride.
  • High-level, complex problem-solving abilities both in groups and in one-on-one situations.

Professional Attributes

  • The capacity, maturity, stature and communication skills to eventually assume a more senior leadership role in a hospital system. Capable of working with staff and assisting them in their continued development, as well as enhancing their performance in a supportive team environment.
  • Able to think strategically and have the communication and leadership skills to follow through on development plans.
  • Ability to demonstrate effective decision-making skills based on thoughtful determination and excellent intuitive judgment.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills; a skilled and dedicated listener, comfortable in a variety of settings dealing with diverse constituencies; a broad thinker. The ability to communicate clearly and effectively both verbally and in writing.
  • Goal-oriented individual who is fair-minded, intelligent, and able to command respect and to manage by influence.
  • Ability to establish trust and to gain support when making difficult decisions and choices. High-principled and thorough, with a high energy level and a strong team orientation.
  • An individual open to giving meaningful consideration to new ideas and solutions, and will seek out ways to solicit input from many sources.
  • Someone with a deep understanding of the interrelatedness and interdependence of disparate hospital departments, and is committed to helping them function well together.
  • One who values a collegial environment that fosters the open exchange of creative ideas and solutions.
  • An individual with the ability to bring diverse constituents together toward a common goal and vision.

Personal Attributes

  • An energetic, results-oriented individual, not content with the status quo. One who constantly seeks to achieve a higher level of performance.
  • An individual of highest personal and professional integrity, principle and knowledge, earning respect and support when making difficult decisions and choices. Able to establish immediate credibility with peers, senior leadership, and the medical staff.
  • Self-confident and assured with significant presence and charisma, but with balanced ego.
  • A high-energy individual with a strong work ethic and high expectations for performance.
  • Someone who delegates to others but holds them accountable and demands excellence and timely performance.

Minimum: Bachelor’s Degree in Healthcare Administration or Business Administration or related field.
Preferred: Master's Degree in Healthcare Administration or Business Administration.

A competitive compensation program will be tailored to the selected candidate. Base salary will be supplemented by a performance bonus and comprehensive, well-rounded benefits program, which includes relocation assistance.


Tenet complies with federal, state, and/or local laws regarding mandatory vaccination of its workforce. If you are offered this position and must be vaccinated under any applicable law, you will be required to show proof of full vaccination or obtain an approval of a religious or medical exemption prior to your start date. If you receive an exemption from the vaccination requirement, you will be required to submit to regular testing in accordance with the law.

Job: Executive Search
Primary Location: Palm Springs, California
Facility: Tenet Executive Search
Job Type: Full-time
Shift Type: Days

Employment practices will not be influenced or affected by an applicant’s or employee’s race, color, religion, sex (including pregnancy), national origin, age, disability, genetic information, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, veteran status or any other legally protected status. Tenet will make reasonable accommodations for qualified individuals with disabilities unless doing so would result in an undue hardship.
Tenet participates in the E-Verify program. Follow the link below for additional information.


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